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How often should you check in with your recruiter AFTER being placed on an assignment?

You’ve been placed with a job and it’s going well! Your recruiter helped you find the job after talking with you about your career goals, skills and experience—and then recommending you as a perfect fit. You might be wondering if your relationship with the recruiter ends here. And the short answer is no! It’s good to stay in touch with your recruiter during your job so they know how it’s going.

Why it is a good idea to stay in touch with your recruiter?

First, recruiters need your help in order to best help you. So, any feedback you can give them about the placement is valuable. This includes what you like, anything you don’t like, how the company is to work for, etc. This is especially important if you’re working a temporary position, but can even be helpful if you’ve received a temporary-to-permanent position or even direct hire.

If you decide the job just isn’t for you, the recruiter can use this information when helping you find your next temporary or permanent job. And if the job IS just perfect for you, it’s also good information the recruiter can use when finding your next placement. Even if you’re in a direct-hire position, you never know if, down the road, you’ll find yourself in need of something new. So, any clues you can supply your recruiter will be helpful.

How often should you contact the recruiter?

Right after you start, it can help to contact your recruiter once a week to let them know how things are going. In the very beginning of the job, you’re still getting a feel for it and deciding if you like the placement, especially if it’s just temporary. That’s why the first month of any job is a critical time to be in contact with your recruiter regularly.

After the first month, you might want to check in monthly, depending on the length of the assignment. If it’s permanent, you might decide to reach out less frequently after the six-month point. If it’s temporary, you might want to keep up with monthly contact until the end of the assignment, depending on how long it is.

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