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The Key to a Productive Week

The Key to a Productive Work Week

As Monday looms up ahead, do you find yourself with the Sunday blues? For many of us, the prospect of starting a whole new week can be intimidating, especially if we have a lot on the “to-do” list. And feeling intimidated can lend itself to a lack of motivation and the feeling of not being sure where to start.

Start Your Week Out rRght!

It happens to the best of us… but with a few key steps, you can help pave the way for a productive week. Here’s what you can do:

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Yes, it’s difficult to pull yourself away from Netflix and accept the fact that tomorrow is Monday. But instead of watching just one more episode, get to bed on time. Your 6 AM self will thank your 10 PM self for making this choice.
  • Don’t hit snooze. It might seem like five more minutes will make all the difference, but you’re really just setting yourself up for a day of procrastination. Get up when your alarm goes off by picturing something fun or positive in your head. For example, what coffee drink you’ll get on your way to work this morning.
  • Work out first thing. Even if you just take 10 minutes to lift a few weights, working out first thing is a great way to start your day. First, it gets your heart beating and your blood flowing, helping you to wake up. Second, you’ll be able to cross your daily workout off the list—and feel that you’ve already accomplished something!
  • Eat breakfast. Choose a breakfast that includes fiber and lean protein, such as scrambled eggs and wheat toast. Your brain needs calories to function, and having breakfast will give it what it needs to perform. Plus, eating breakfast will stop you from making a high-calorie vending machine decision later in the day.
  • Have coffee. It’s the fuel that gets many of us going. If you’re a coffee drinker, have a cup and get ready to work
  • Write a to-do list. Before you even open your email, stop yourself. Have a plan first to avoid getting flustered by a full inbox. Make a list of a reasonable number of tasks you’d like to accomplish for the week, and for the day. Plan the tasks that require the most brainpower for the time of day when you’re most awake. You might want to start out with one or two easy things to get yourself going, then move on to something trickier. Don’t overload your daily list with more than you can actually do—this will just chip away at your weekly motivation.
  • Take breaks. Don’t burn yourself out this week! Your brain needs regular pauses to function at peak capacity. Step away from your computer screen or workstation for a few 10-minute breaks, and never skip lunch.
  • Do something you enjoy every day. Allowing yourself to feel joy every day makes it easier to complete tasks you don’t find as fun. You might go for a walk, read a few chapters in a book you enjoy, talk to someone you admire, watch a show you love, enjoy a favorite meal or snack, spend time with a pet, or something else that makes you happy.
  • Don’t bring your work home with you. When the workday is over, let it be over. Spend your time off the clock relaxing with family or friends, or by taking downtime alone—it all depends what you need.

Having a Hard Time Getting Motivated?

This can be a sign of burnout or a sign that you just don’t like your job. And that’s OK! If you’re ready to look for something new, contact Wood Personnel or visit our job search page.