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Employee Career Path Planning | Wood Personnel

How might you better cultivate careers for your team in the workplace?

Want to boost employee retention? Help your employees develop in their careers. This is a top way you can invest in their skills and talents and encourage them to grow with the company and stick around long-term. If you’re focused on the hopes and dreams of your employees, they’re much more likely to feel positive about and loyal to the company.

Ways to Support Employee Career Development

How can you get started? Meet with your workers regularly for a 1:1 to touch base about what’s going on at work. What do they need help with, what’s going well and what do they want to learn more about? Once you’re both thinking about what comes next, you can help them get there with the following steps:

  • Provide training. What education can you offer in the workplace? Maybe an employee wants to learn more about a specific skill that would help them do better at their job. Make training available to help them boost their knowledge and ability.
  • Allow tuition reimbursement. Taking a class can also be helpful. Reimbursement for the cost of education is a big motivator for employees looking to learn something new, and shows the company cares about their career journey and wants them to succeed.
  • Make room for work/life balance. To learn something new, an employee needs time to get it done. Adequate paid time off and free time off the clock is when they’ll be able to go to classes, complete course work, and study. Don’t expect employees to take their work home with them by the need to respond to emails and phone calls after hours.
  • Offer mentoring and job shadowing. Does an employee show interest in a different role within the company? Spending time to shadow a coworker and learn more is a great way to get insight into other positions or tasks they may be interested in.
  • Promote from within. This is a top way to motivate your employees to stay with your company. Clear focus on advancement and internal mobility is a great way to encourage career development, loyalty, and longevity with the company.

Need Support?

Check with your recruiter to see what training they may offer for candidates, depending on your industry. And if you’re in need of more staff, check out Wood Personnel. We’ll work with you to find and place qualified office/administrative and light industrial/warehouse workers, and more! Find out how by contacting us today.