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Reduce Attrition Rates by Focusing on Retention Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Employers are currently facing competition when it comes to hiring and retaining staff. So now, more than ever, is the time to practice smart retention techniques to hold onto top workers. Retention should start at the very beginning of an employee’s career and continue through their entire lifecycle with your company.

So How Can You Reduce Attrition Rates?

Help Employees See a Future with Your Company

If a career path is unclear or it seems like there’s no room for advancement, it’s possible an employee will seek to advance somewhere else. Instead, create meaningful career paths that give employees an idea of what to work towards. Then, promote from within.

Focus On Continued Learning

No one wants to stagnate. Learning feels good and helps strengthen your company from the inside out—when your workers know more, they provide more value to the company. Provide opportunities for learning new skills and trying out new roles. Allow your employees to suggest learning opportunities for themselves and help make them happen.

Create a Mentorship Program

Beyond classes and training, it’s valuable for your employees to learn from each other. Develop a mentorship program where subject matter experts from different parts of the company can spend time with workers who would like to learn more about a specific department or role. This kind of hands-on learning can help you promote from within and develop your staff to contribute to the company as a whole.

Give Regular Feedback

When employees know how they’re doing, they can strive to be their best. Give clear examples of what constitutes an excellent, good and fair performance, as well as what you expect. Provide feedback on a regular basis, as well as suggestions for what to work on.

Work With Your Recruiter

Depending on what your staffing partner offers, workers may have access to training and development opportunities. And when it’s time to staff up, your recruiter can help you find highly qualified workers who are a good fit for your company.

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