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Is it time for a resume reboot?

Your resume is an important document in the job search process. As part of an application, you’ll be asked to submit your resume alongside your cover letter. It helps a potential employer or hiring manager learn more about you, your skills, your education, your work experience and more. But how do you know when it’s time to update your resume?

Time and accomplishments

One simple rule to follow is updating your resume every six months. You may not need to make any actual changes, but at least review what you have in your resume to be sure it still matches what you’re up to at work. For example, in the past six months, have you:

  • Added more responsibilities to your role?
  • Swapped tasks with coworkers, so now your job description looks a little different?
  • Completed a training or course related to your field?
  • Wrapped up a large and successful project?
  • Changed jobs completely?

By thinking about your progress and reviewing your resume every six months, you’ll be able to make timely and important changes. We all know what it’s like to apply to a new job, only to have to scramble and make last-minute resume edits before you hit the “submit” button. That’s a sure recipe for mistakes and leaving out important details! So, if you review your resume on a regular basis, you’ll be able to keep it complete and up to date—ready to impress anyone looking to hire!

You may want to update more frequently

Another good idea is to simply update your resume every time you’ve completed a major achievement. This way, you won’t need to think back over the past six months to remember all the details: they’ll be fresh in your mind!

Are you looking right now for a new job?

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