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Is your company culture featured in your employer brand? It should be!

Have you taken the time to build an attractive company culture? If you can answer yes, and you have a clear understanding of what your culture is all about—it’s time to tell the world! By showcasing your culture and what it’s like to work for you, it will be easier to attract candidates whose values align with yours. And when you find new employees who mesh with your culture, it will add to their job satisfaction and career longevity—all wins for both of you!

How to leverage your company culture in your brand

Your company brand should reflect your culture through and through. You’ve worked hard to build it, so you might as well take advantage of it!

You can weave in your branding, especially on your company website and social media pages, with the following techniques:

  • Share what you’re all about. Every website features an About Us page, where the company describes insider details about how they got started, their mission and vision, and anything else they want to share with the outside world. Your company story describes how you got started, why you do what you do, the populations you serve, your values, and more. It gives site visitors a feel for what you’re all about, giving a much more personal edge to your company.
  • Ask employees to share their own stories. Employee interviews are also a valuable resource to share on your website and social media pages. Ask a variety of employees key questions, such as, “Why do you like working here?” and “What does our mission statement mean to you?” By sharing first-hand examples of your company culture, you are giving the world valuable “social proof” about your company.
  • Post photos. Many websites and social media posts feature stock images. But you can make your posts much more personal when you share photos of actual employees, team celebrations, or the actual workplace. This is another way to give a more human edge to your business. (Just make sure you have sign-off from employees before you post their photos online.)
  • Share videos. This is another popular means of sharing your company culture. You can share videos on your website or social media platform, especially YouTube and Instagram. Interviews, company information, explanations of your product or service—topics like this are interesting to potential candidates and can help them decide if your company is the right place for them.

Your brand is what you show the world

It’s important that it includes clues about your company culture. Candidates these days are savvy and want to see true, honest content online. You can make a good impression by sharing details such as the above suggestions.

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