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How Much is Consistent Turnover Costing Your Staff?

Good employees can be hard to find these days, so it’s important hold onto the ones you already have. This is also true because employee turnover can impact more than you may realize. When employees leave, it also has a big influence on the remaining staff—and the more people they see exiting, the worse it can be.

How turnover impacts staff

Employee turnover can have a negative impact in the following ways:

  • Working short-handed. When some workers leave, their ex-coworkers will need to pick up the slack. This can work as a temporary fix until you hire new candidates, but if the process takes too long, it can be very draining on the remaining workers.
  • Job burnout. Doing too much for too long leads to job burnout. This is accomplished by a dip in productivity, negative attitudes, poor work ethic, lack of passion… the list goes on and on. Another huge concern is human error, which happens when employees are tired and just burned out.
  • Decreased quality. The quality of your output—whether it’s a product or service—is directly related to the work of your employees. Burned out, overworked staff make more mistakes, and this detracts from the quality of the work being produced by your company.
  • Boomerang turnover. Employees who no longer like where they work are more likely to leave. This is why the problem of employee turnover compounds itself, over and over again.

Other causes of employee turnover

It’s more than just being short-handed with overworked employees. Turnover also stems from the following common reasons:

  • Lack of opportunity. When employees don’t see a clear path for advancement in your company, either through promotion or learning new skills, they will go somewhere else.
  • Lack of feedback. Hard workers need to know what you expect so they can keep up the good work. If they’re not getting feedback from you, it can be confusing… and frustrating. Leading them to seek employment somewhere else.
  • Lack of recognition. Employees want to be thanked for their hard work. This recognition and gratitude can go a long way to making a peaceful and happy workplace.

Take steps to avoid turnover

Create a positive company culture, give recognition, offer competitive benefits and pay, and keep your workplace an overall good place to be.

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