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How Might a Recruiter Help Coach You Through Your First Interview?

One way that a recruiter can provide value to you, the job seeker, is by guiding you through the interview process while providing tips that will help you interview successfully. Skilled recruiters know what a hiring manager is looking for in an interview. The recruiter will know the interview style, the company culture, and what you can expect when you enter the room for an interview.

A Recruiter Can Provide Insight Into a Hiring Manager’s Interview Style

As a candidate interviewing on your own, one thing you most likely do not have access to is an understanding of the hiring manager’s interview style, personality, or background. A recruiter can help you gain an understanding of your interviewer. Before you interview, a recruiter can give you an idea of the manager’s background, experience, and interview style. They can even tell you if the manager is blunt and straightforward. The knowledge a recruiter can offer regarding the hiring manager will be greatly appreciated.

Recruiters Know the Key Things Hiring Managers Are Seeking

Wouldn’t it be special to have insight into a hiring manager’s thoughts before you interview? After a recruiter gives you information regarding the hiring manager’s style, they can also inform you about what key things are essential for the hiring manager.

If you have a specific skill or experience, a recruiter can tell you if an employer is actively seeking the skill before the interview. Knowing what an employer seeks allows you to emphasize the skill or experience during the meeting.

Recruiters Know What Questions to Ask

Most employers will open time at the end of an interview to ask if you have any questions. A recruiter can coach you on the appropriate questions to ask, depending on what stage of the interview process you are in currently. Sample questions the recruiter provides can help guide you in the right direction during your interview.

Remember that not asking questions can make you appear unprepared or disinterested, so let the recruiter help you put some questions together for the interview. You are not just trying to get the job but also interviewing the employer to determine if you are a good fit.

They Can Teach You How to Close the Interview

Hiring managers actively seek candidates who know how to ask for the job. A recruiter will ensure you understand that if you want the job, you must make it known at the end of the interview and ask for the next steps. An experienced recruiter will help you practice closing the discussion until you find a comfortable way.

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