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Improving Interview Body Language

Easy Ways to Improve Your Body Language During an Interview

Did you know that non-verbal cues comprise a large portion of face-to-face communication? Your physical presence shows your strengths and weaknesses to potential employers much more than words alone. Body language is also crucial to remote interviews, thanks to Zoom and video interviews. Do not worry, you can develop your body language.


Try to avoid slumping and keep your back as straight as possible. Show the interviewer your interest in the work by leaning forward slightly during the interview. Do not recline into the chair fully, as it makes you come off as bored or disengaged. Remember that you wish to convey confidence, so avoid crossing your arms or placing items on your lap because these habits indicate defensiveness, nerves, and the need for self-protection. Choice of seating? Opt for the straight-backed chair instead of the plush couch, which encourages slumping.

Eye Contact

It would help if you made eye contact with the person interviewing you. It is essential, but do not stare too long. Do not make constant eye contact because it is disconcerting and considered aggressive.

Altogether avoiding eye contact can be bad too. Avoidance comes across as untrustworthy and distant. Your answers appear dishonest. Try to establish a balance with eye contact. Make eye contact as you listen and reply to questions, but allow your eyes to wander occasionally. Consider how much eye contact you make when chatting with a friend; you will know how appropriate eye contact is.

Do Not Cross Your Legs

Although it might be a comfortable sitting position, try to avoid crossing your legs during the interview. The problem? With extended interviews, you might need to re-cross your legs at times. An interviewer might view this as fidgeting.

Do Not Appear Agitated

Fidgeting is certainly something you want to avoid in a job interview. If you are a nail-biter, knuckle-cracker, hair-twirler, or leg-tapper, try to ensure none of these habits appear in your job interview. These actions and others are impolite, unprofessional, and convey nerves.

Make Good Use of Your Hands

Many people prefer to talk with their hands. If you are one of them, continue your habit during the job interview. If you abruptly stop your natural gestures, you might appear awkward. Remember to ensure that your hands do not become so enthusiastic that they distract you from your words.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Before a job interview, practicing your answers to common interview questions is wise. Do not stop there. You should prepare your body language as much as you rehearse your answers to questions. Remember that your natural tendencies will take over when you are nervous. With regular practice, you can learn to overcome them consciously. Practice with friends or even an interview coach. You want to be fully aware and in control of your body when it’s time for the interview.

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