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Reasons to Partner with a Recruiter

Why You Should ALWAYS Update Your Recruiter of New Certifications or Career Milestones

Are you working with a recruiter to find new job opportunities? You probably told your recruiter all about your skills and experience. Since then, you have broadened your horizons by taking opportunities to learn new skills and earn new certifications. It would help if you told your recruiter about your unique skills, and here is why.

To Be a Competitive Candidate

Add new skills or certifications to your resume, giving you a competitive edge over your competition. It is common to vie for jobs against candidates with similar skills and experience, so boosting credentials can only help your cause. It will help if you speak with your recruiter about what you have learned and what new skills you possess. This information allows them to market you to potential employers accurately. Do not be inadvertently undersold because your recruiter is unaware of your latest accomplishments.

Additional Job Opportunities

There is an excellent chance that your new skills or certifications will make you eligible for more job opportunities. Update your recruiter on your latest accomplishments, ensuring they can pursue all options for you. You will have more choices; perhaps one might be your dream job! Do not sell yourself short. Ensure your recruiter has the latest updated information.

Career Goals

When you acquire new skills and qualifications, you open many doors. Your eyes may open to something new and exciting you would like in your career. If you broaden your horizons, be sure to let your recruiter know. This knowledge will help your recruiter adjust your job search accordingly. Finding new job opportunities can be challenging if you and your recruiter are not on the same page together. Keep your recruiter in the loop.

Less Effort When It’s Time to Find a New Job

Keeping your recruiter updated will save you both time and effort when the time comes to find a new job. You have already started the process from square one, so why repeat the process? Instead, be proactive and continually provide your recruiter with an updated resume. When you change your status from passive to active, you will be ready to go.

The Future Is Uncertain

The future is unpredictable. You might be fired, laid off, or your company can be acquired. You might end up in a bad relationship with a new supervisor. Do not think that just because your job is excellent now, it will always remain so. By keeping your recruiter updated, you will be ready if and when the time comes that you must seek a new job, no matter what the reason.

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