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Is It Okay If My Resume Doesn’t Fit a Full Page?

Most agree that a resume should be one-page. This resume length is particularly effective for new workers who need more experience. But what if you need more experience to fit one full page? Do you have an extensive work history that needs to be shorter? It is not the world’s end if your resume is not one page. But here are tips to help you fit your resume on one page.

How to Adjust Your Resume for the Best Length

Is the Resume Too Short?

If the ideal length of a resume is one page, is your resume too short? If it appears thin, here are a few steps to add weight:

  • Add Achievements. You can make your achievements as relevant as your educational history. The key is to put them into context. Be sure to include statements that show how your strengths and achievements prove you can do the job. Also, list any significant accomplishments at previous jobs.
  • Add to Your Work History. Your work history is one of the first things a potential employer will view. If you need more relevant job titles, consider listing the experience you gained in internships or training programs throughout your education. Volunteer experience is another option. The essential thing is to ensure that each addition adds to the complete picture of you as a viable candidate for the particular job. Give descriptions of your work and what you learned to help paint a broader view of your qualifications.
  • Include Extra Skills. If you are in doubt regarding your skills, add extra skills. The idea is to choose carefully. Thoroughly read job descriptions and select the skills that will set you up for making an impression on the hiring manager. It could get you an interview.
  • List Some Hobbies. If you lack content, consider listing a few fascinating hobbies. Try to include hobbies that draw on or expand on your relevant skills and experience. Including hobbies gives recruiters insight into your personality and is a fantastic way to show how you can fit into the company culture.

Is the Resume Longer?

If your resume resembles a tome instead of a concise one-page, easy-to-skim summary, it might be too long. Here is how to trim it down:

Only list helpful contact information. You don’t need to include your street number and name; nobody needs to know exactly where you live. Most employers will contact you by phone or email. If you are looking for opportunities far away, you can leave off your city and state to avoid worries about whether you are serious about moving.

Write a short objective statement. Avoid writing a lengthy objective statement. All you need are two to three lines that capture your experience and how you want to translate that experience over to what you wish to do next. It allows you to tell a reader who you are without providing too much information.

You can avoid descriptors that only take up space and maybe undermine your experience and skills. There is no need to put words into a reader’s mouth. The more objective you are, the more impressive you look.

Highlight your accomplishments. Avoid lengthy job descriptions and focus on what you accomplished in previous roles. It is about the achievements in the role and only some things that the role entails.

You can use bullet points. Information in paragraphs can be challenging to read. It can be confusing not knowing where to start and what to skip. Make your resume reader-friendly by using bullet points which make digesting information easier.

Set Yourself Up for Success with a Great Looking Resume

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