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What Should a Warehouse Worker Put on a Resume?

Warehouses are an essential part of many companies. To be a warehouse worker, you must be physically and mentally sharp in a fast-paced environment. You must be able to support your team, the various tasks, and the dynamic atmosphere. A resume is a vital step in your warehouse job search. It is the first step toward securing a warehouse job. But what do you put on your resume? Keep reading for some tips.

What to Put on Your Warehouse Resume

Use Metrics

Utilize metrics on your warehouse worker resume. Use numbers to show hiring managers your specific impact at previous jobs. It will give them confidence that you can do the job while being a welcomed addition to the company.

Try to provide estimates such as the weight of supplies you transported, the type of machinery you operated, the number of items you managed daily, and how many co-workers you collaborated with. Providing numbers with a physical labor job can be difficult, but it is worth the trouble. Consider speaking to a former manager who can provide statistics regarding your time with that company.

Include an Objective to Personalize Your Resume

A resume objective can add personality to your warehouse resume. With a goal, you can give an employer a sample of your character while including skills particular to the job you are applying for. Customize your objective for every job. Take the time to research the companies and read the job descriptions. Doing so will help you write in a manner that makes a connection.

Keep It to One Page

Please understand that hiring managers only spend a little time reviewing resumes. If you want your resume viewed, and improve your chances of securing an interview, limit your resume to one page.

Skills on your warehouse worker resume might include coordination, time management, inventory control, documentation, equipment knowledge and maintenance, communication and data entry. This skills section is an excellent place to convince hiring managers to view your application seriously. Pick 6 to 10 of your most applicable strengths and list them as short words and phrases.

Finally, it is essential to have your contact information handy at the top of your resume.

Entry-Level Warehouse Worker?

It can take some work to write an entry-level resume. Just because you have not worked in the field yet does not mean you lack the skills. Be sure to highlight previous work experience you know a warehouse manager desires. You can incorporate your strengths into your work experience. Any volunteer work can be relevant to warehouse work experience. Use job skills that demonstrate efficiency, time management, organization, and communication proficiency.

Experienced Worker?

As you gain experience in the warehouse field, your education becomes less important. Minimize the education section to leave space for work experience bullet points. Open each bullet with an action word, and use the same tense throughout. Be detailed in your descriptions of your skills. It would help if you quantified the impact of your previous jobs, especially management roles.

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