Turn Turnover on Its Head

When we recently examined hiring and workforce trends, survey results indicated that turnover is a major employment concern. In fact, 48% of respondents listed turnover as the biggest reason they’re hiring. Whether it’s due to firing or voluntary quits, turnover can have a massive negative impact on employee morale and your bottom line. Depending on […]

Hiring in Middle TN? Don’t Over-Interview!

When it comes to interviewing job candidates, more is not always better. Interviewing a lot of applicants may give you a sense of confidence (a great new employee is bound to be somewhere in the bunch, right?). But when it comes to making the best hires, it’s seeing the RIGHT candidates that matters. So resist […]

Temporary-to-Hire Staffing Services: Good for your business, good for the Middle TN economy

Temp-to-hire staffing (also known as try-before-hire or temp-to-perm) lets you try out a candidate on-the-job before extending an offer for direct employment. Instead of being hired as your full-time employee right away, an employee is first hired by your staffing service. Then, he is assigned to work at your company as a temporary. During a probationary period (usually 10 weeks), you get […]

Want to Ramp-up Productivity? Start with Your Employees’ Workspaces

Lack of focus. Cramped conditions. Time wasted looking for work materials. Countless factors like these can undermine the productivity of your employees – and cost your company a lot of money. Thankfully, even small changes can lead to big gains over the long haul. So whether they have corner offices, cubicles or work stations, here […]

Is Your Middle Tennessee Job Candidate Lying About his Work History? You may not be able to tell

Fakereferenceservice.com Thereferencestore.com Careerexcuse.com Ever heard of any of these sites? If not, take just a minute to check them out – you may be shocked by what you find… Applicant dishonesty is certainly nothing new. Desperate and unethical job seekers commonly “embellish” their resumes or using relatives as references. But now, unscrupulous candidates have a […]

Having Trouble Finding IT Experts, Skilled Tradesmen or Engineers in Middle Tennessee?

In many industries, the recruiting pendulum has swung. For the second year in a row, research has shown that IT staff, engineers and skilled tradesmen are among the hardest jobs to fill. Several factors are fueling this trend.  Retiring Baby Boomers, a smaller population of replacement workers and rapidly changing skill requirements will continue to […]