The Secret to Becoming a Great Manager? (Hint: you are what you eat)

The secret’s out: the right nutrition can boost your focus, memory, cognitive functioning and even mood! For years, we’ve known about the connection between good nutrition and athletic performance. But recent research supports an equally strong connection between a healthy diet and great work performance. So are you feeding your brain what it needs? Consider […]

Celebrating Memorial Day 2014 in Nashville

Can you believe Memorial Day Weekend 2014 is here already?  Time to fire up the grill and enjoy some time with family and friends.  But if you’re looking for something to do beyond the traditional backyard barbeque, here are a few suggestions in the Nashville area: Memorial Day Dash 5K at Herschel Greer Stadium Date: […]

Supercharge Your Employee Handbook with These Tips

A typical employee handbook: helps orient new hires; serves as a resource for your company’s policies, procedures and working conditions; details compensation, benefits and conditions of employment with your organization. But a “supercharged” one can do even more. If it’s well-written and comprehensive, your employee handbook can: detail your HR policies in writing; outline behavioral […]

Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Workplace

Valentine's Day | Wood Personnel Services

 FUN WAYS TO CELEBRATE VALENTINE’S DAY IN YOUR WORKPLACE from Wood Personnel Services     Ever wonder how we got into the habit of sharing Valentine’s Day cards and chocolates? Here’s a little background for you: The holiday itself is an intermingling of a variety of traditions and folklore, and is thought to have […]

Need Temporary Employees for Your Middle Tennessee Business? Leave the interviewing to us!

Successfully managing your Middle Tennessee business takes the right combination of control and delegation.  You need to do some things yourself, but you can (and should) delegate other responsibilities to your employees or business partners. Interviewing temporary employees is one of those things which should definitely be delegated to us.  Here’s why. It’s certainly understandable […]