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Find Top Seasonal Employees in Nashville this Summer

As summer approaches in Middle Tennessee, the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s heating up.

Hiring is hot, too!  Across the state, June, July and August are some of the busiest months for employers.  If you’re planning to increase your staff this summer, make sure you have your bases covered before you start posting jobs and interviewing candidates.  Here are a few of Wood Personnel’s best tips for recruiting, hiring and employing seasonal staff:

  • Look early.  You’ll likely be competing with a number of other businesses for the best summer talent, so get your recruiting efforts in gear now – before the competition snaps up choice employees.
  • Recruit in the right places.  Grass-roots efforts are often the most effective means for sourcing summer help.  Use job boards and social media to list your positions and generate referrals.
  • Check minimum wage laws.  Federal minimum wage rates are set by the Department of Labor.  Tennessee’s state rate is the same as the federal rate.  As of January 1, 2013, this rate is $7.25/hr.
  • Review your employee handbook.  Make sure you include policies and benefits for summer workers in your employee handbook.  Having written policy about pay and benefits will head-off potential problems.
  • Complete all new hire paperwork.  New hire paperwork is required for all employees, even seasonal and part-time workers.  Required paperwork includes a W-4 for federal income tax withholding and an I-9 (which was recently updated) or E-verify to check U.S. work eligibility.
  • Comply with child labor laws.  If you plan to hire workers under age 18, check to ensure you are complying with federal and TN state laws relating to hiring minors.  Often, hours and types of work are restricted for those under age 18.  In areas where federal and state laws differ, you must comply with the more restrictive provisions.
  • Be careful with interns.  Student interns can be an attractive option for completing extra work over the summer months, but they are not without their risks.
  • Treat summer help like other employees.  If your summer staff qualifies for benefits, you must treat them the same as other employees.
  • Work with a reputable Middle Tennessee staffing service.  With over 20 years of experience, Wood Personnel provides flexible, on-demand access to the talented seasonal workers you need – without the risks, benefits expenses or time associated with recruiting and hiring on your own.  When your business heats up this summer, give Wood Personnel a call!