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Maximizing Productivity in a Cubicle Work Environment

The upsides of cubicles?

  • They open up work space.
  • They promote idea-sharing and simplify access.
  • They’re great for closely knit teams because they encourage collaboration.

The downsides?

  • They can be noisy.
  • Interior cubicles can be dark.
  • They make it difficult to get focus work done.

The simple fact is, a cubicle work arrangement is a bit of a mixed bag. You have to take the bad with the good, and that means finding creative ways to maximize productivity in this office setup. Need some inspiration? Today, Wood Personnel shares a few tips to help your team thrive in an open floor plan:

  • Encourage employees to discuss personal issues in non-work areas. Employees are going to talk about what’s going on in their life with their co-workers. It’s human nature. Suggest that they save these personal conversations, especially troubling ones, for the break room – or better yet, after hours.
  • Separate work and food. Food smells easily waft over cubicle walls and can be distracting (or downright annoying) to co-workers. Give your employees a separate place to enjoy their meals away from the noses of those who are actively working.
  • Remind employees of the importance of cleanliness. When nobody has an office door to selectively close, appearance and hygiene are a higher priority. Tactfully remind staff members to take care of grooming in the restroom (flossing at one’s desk is a big “no.”).
  • Promote a clean work environment. Germs, especially airborne ones, spread more easily in an open work environment. Schedule time and provide supplies for employees to regularly clean their cubes. Require contagious employees to stay home until they are well.
  • Dedicate private space for focus work. Make sure your staff has access to a quiet, closed-door location they can reserve for activities that require concentration or privacy.
  • Set ground rules for cubicle etiquette. Then share them with your employees! As you bring on new staff, realize that they may not understand the “rules of engagement” when it comes to an open floor plan. Train your team on your cubicle code of conduct and share frequent reminders in memos, emails and even your company newsletter.

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