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Close Strong: Tips for creating a persuasive closing statement for your cover letter

For many job seekers, a cover letter is nothing more than an afterthought. After all, a recruiter is going to skip right over it and look at your resume, right?

Wrong. A savvy recruiter considers every part of your application, and he makes judgments about your candidacy based on your cover letter. If you don’t capture his attention immediately, you risk losing the opportunity.

So choose every word carefully and invest as much time crafting a strong cover letter as you do your resume. Make it persuasive by not only explaining why you’re the best candidate for the position, but by closing strong, too.

Before you hit the “Submit” button to apply to another job, take a step back and scrutinize your cover letter. Does the final paragraph “seal the deal” – leaving a lasting, favorable impression of your candidacy? Does it clarify next action steps? If not, read this quick post. It’ll help you create a compelling closing to your cover letter, without coming across as cocky:

“If I am offered this opportunity, I will hit the ground running and help (insert company) exceed its expectations for success.”

Employers look for job candidates who are qualified for the position and will require little training. This closing implies that you will get up-to-speed quickly and also conveys your interest in the position.

“My salary requirements are in line with the position’s description and what I bring in abilities. I’ll email you (insert day) to see when we can arrange a meeting.”

Recruiters don’t want to waste their time on candidates who won’t accept their salary offers. This closing clearly communicates that your talents and compensation requirements align with the available position. Furthermore, it’s an eloquent way to state that you’re confident in your abilities and know what you’re worth.

“I look forward to discussing the contributions I can make to your company. I’ll follow up with a call next (insert day). Or, if you would like to speak with me sooner, you can reach me immediately at (insert phone number). Thank you for your time and consideration.”

In this example, your enthusiasm and proactive nature is evident. This closing paragraph also creates a sense of urgency, by inviting the employer to reach out to you first.

“A resume is limited in the information it can convey, so I would like to explain my qualifications and the ways I could benefit (insert company) in person. My schedule is flexible, so please contact me with a day and time that works best for you.”

It’s always a good idea to leave a recruiter wanting more. This closing explains that there is much more to you than a resume can present – and may entice him to find out more.

Choose a closing that matches your comfort level and personality, and then customize it to fit your needs. By crafting a compelling, clear final paragraph, you will position yourself correctly – and convince the recruiter to take the next step.

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