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Your Middle TN Job Search: Why it’s NOT a Numbers Game



Tired of blindly applying to dozens upon dozens of jobs – and never landing that interview you really want?

We hear similar stories from frustrated Middle Tennessee job seekers all the time – people who think that finding a job is a “numbers game,” and if they just upload enough applications, their dream job will eventually fall into their lap.

While that may be true, it makes you wonder: with so little planning going into targeting the right opportunities, what are the chances of actually landing an interview for a position you really want?

At Wood Personnel, we advise our candidates to get out of the “numbers game” – and start applying a sound strategy to their job search. Here’s why:

Scouring the internet and applying to a dozen or more jobs over the course of a weekend may make you feel productive and confident – but it can ultimately lead to high frustration. If aren’t truly a great fit for those jobs, chances are slim that you’ll get a call for an interview. So, all that hard work you invest in uploading your resume, tweaking your cover letter and filling out online forms may be in vain.

If, on the other hand, you invest more time in uncovering better opportunities and researching them thoroughly to determine if they’re a good fit, you’ll be much more successful. Sure, you’ll apply to far fewer jobs, but you’ll be able to create a higher quality, customized application for each. And as we all know, a fully customized application, resume and cover letter are much more likely to get a hiring manager’s attention than a “one size fits all” submission.

Furthermore, when you do get called in for an interview, it will be for a job you’re really interested in – and one for which you’re qualified.

So stop playing games. Use these quick tips to search more successfully:

  • Target and prioritize a handful of top prospective employers – companies that offer what you want and hire great people like you.
  • Instead of waiting for those companies to post jobs, proactively market yourself to key decision-makers who work for them. Consider: tapping your professional network to get introduced; asking for an introduction via a mutual LinkedIn connection; or reaching out via email to request an informational interview. Do whatever you can to get on their radar in a positive, professional way. Let them know that you’d like to work for their organization – and explain what’s in it for them.
  • When using job boards, limit the number of jobs you apply to. Take a “less is more” approach, investing your energy into identifying employers and positions that are a great fit for your skills, experience and career goals.
  • Register with Wood Personnel. With locations throughout Middle Tennessee, we can connect you to a wide range of jobs and assignments with leading employers.

And we’ll never waste your time. We’ll only contact you with opportunities that fit your skills, experience, interests and work preferences. Want to see what we have to offer? Search Murfreesboro jobs here or give Wood Personnel a call.