Wood Words

Can’t We All Just Get Along?



“Those Baby Boomers? They’re obsolete – and need to hang it up.”

“Millennials? They’re too self-centered and won’t gel with our team.”

“Gen X? They have absolutely no vision!”

Wow. Can’t we all just get along? To clarify, the stereotypes above are definitely NOT Wood Personnel’s views; we’re just trying to make a simple point:

In the workplace, any generation can hurl insults at any other.

For an organization to be truly successful, however, its employees must work well together. And as a leader, it’s your job to set the example by effecting managing a multi-generational workforce. To help, we’re sharing our favorite tips for managing younger workers – by providing what they want most:

Well-defined Career Paths.

On the upswing of their career trajectories, younger workers are more comfortable with change than previous generations. As a result, they are willing to look outside your organization to achieve their career growth goals.

Keep them in the fold and maximize their potential by creating clear career paths and ample advancement opportunities for them. Explore their professional interests and desires, and walk them through potential career trajectories within your organization. Pair them with more experienced mentors who can help them achieve their professional goals.

Timely Feedback.

Younger workers may lack confidence in their abilities and want reassurance that they’re “on the right track.” And considering their age and relative inexperience, it’s easy to see why. So in addition to regular performance reviews, schedule periodic meetings to review what they’re doing right – and what they can improve upon. Specific, regular feedback not only improves younger employees’ performance; it shows them that you’re invested in their success.


Striking a healthy work/life mix is a huge challenge in today’s workplace. In fact, research shows that over two-thirds of U.S. workers struggle to balance work and non-work obligations – and that lack of balance ultimately leads to higher turnover.

How can you enhance workplace flexibility for younger workers? Consider the viability of:

  • Flexible schedules. Modified start and stop times can reduce commutes, minimize child care conflicts and allow time for things like working out or going to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Alternate/compressed work weeks. Options like 4/10 work weeks reduce commuting costs while giving young workers an extra day every week to pursue other activities that they find rewarding.
  • Telework. While this may not be suitable for all positions, evaluate options for permitting employees to work at least part-time from home, when appropriate.

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