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You Can Do This: Networking Tips to Promote Career Growth

You’re social. You’re inquisitive. You’re a hard worker.

But are you doing everything you can to grow your professional network?

Networking opens doors to new opportunities, influential people and others who can promote your career development. Whether you’re aiming for a promotion or would like to change the direction of your career, use these tips from our Rutherford County staffing agency to expand your network and get ahead:

Set realistic goals.

How much time do you have each month to devote to building your professional network? Use this estimate as a guide to create some simple goals that will focus your activities and keep you on track. Start by making a list of the meetings, committees, volunteer opportunities or other activities that are most likely to put you in touch with valuable contacts. Then, set targets for attending, participating, introducing, inviting – and resolve to get out there!

Start with your own organization.

With a little research, you can identify managers and executives who have the ability to advance your career. Once you determine who you need to know, find a way to get face time with those people:

  • Ask for introductions.
  • Offer to buy them coffee or lunch.
  • Volunteer to help with projects or committees in which they’re involved.
  • Inquire about shadowing opportunities.
  • Request them as mentors.

Engage in positive, productive activities that will strengthen ties with higher ups and bring you one step closer to the position you want.

Join a networking organization.

With a simple Google search, you can find a professional group or association that matches your interests and goals. To maximize the opportunities a networking group offers:

  • Be intentional. Before you go to an event, identify and reach out to a handful of attendees you’d like to meet.
  • Plan a few conversation starters. Avoid social awkwardness and the temptation to talk solely about your career by preparing topics to discuss (hint: ask open-ended questions!).
  • Be helpful. Offer to assist others in broadening their networks by planning introductions on their behalf.
  • Be polite. Focus on building a relationship with the people you meet before asking for their networking or career help.

Keep an open mind.

Networking is all about learning how you and your connections can help one another. So be inquisitive. Strike up conversations. Accept invitations. You never know how, where or through whom your next big opportunity will come; take the time to investigate every opportunity that comes your way.

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