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Reasons to Switch to a New Technical & Management Recruiter

They fill your technical jobs. Most of the time.

They understand your business challenges and strategic goals. Sort of.

They know what it takes for professionals to thrive in your organization’s culture. For the most part.

Are you settling for mediocrity from your staffing partner?

Your technical & management recruiter should be creating amazing results for your business: quickly and consistently delivering high performers who mesh with your team and help you achieve your goals. If they’re not, it could be time to find a new staffing and recruiting agency.

How can you evaluate your current provider’s performance – and gauge their suitability as your partner? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Access to candidates. Does the firm have deep roots in the Middle Tennessee market? Do they specialize in the types of technical and management roles you need to fill? What are they doing to ensure they deliver A-level talent in today’s hyper-competitive recruiting market?
  • Recruiting process. What steps does the firm take to assess candidates’ job skills? How do they ensure candidates have the personality and soft skills to thrive long-term in your organization? What does their staff do to get to know your company and its culture?
  • Experience of their team. Do their account managers have the functional and business expertise to understand what your business wants to achieve? Can they “connect the dots,” and help you access the right talent to complete projects, tackle new initiatives and reach your strategic goals?
  • Staffing metrics. Leading recruiting firms manage their operations professionally, using metrics to gauge their performance – and continually improve it. What is the recruiting firm’s typical time-to-fill? What are their customer satisfaction ratings?
  • Reputation in the market. Is the agency known as an industry leader in the Middle Tennessee market? Do they have an established reputation for excellence? Have they been recognized for exceptional client satisfaction?
  • Ease of working with them. A great staffing partner should be extremely easy to work with. Does the firm make decisions locally – or must everything be run through corporate? Do multiple layers of management create unnecessary red tape – or is it easy to reach decision makers who can answer questions and resolve issues?

Is it time to switch to Wood Personnel?

When it comes to working with a technical & management recruitment partner, don’t settle! If your current partner is doing an amazing job in all of these areas, you’re extremely fortunate. But if you’re looking for better results from a Middle TN technical & management recruiting firm, contact us and find out what we can do for you.