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As “Hungry” to Drive Productivity as You Are for That Thanksgiving Turkey?

These productivity tools will satisfy your APPetite!

Apps have completely transformed the way we live and work. While some are purely for entertainment purposes (looking at you, Candy Crush), others can dramatically improve your individual and team productivity.

If you’re hungry for ways to boost efficiency, facilitate better team collaboration and build momentum in your workplace, our Murfreesboro recruiters serve up their favorite productivity apps below:

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Looking for a way to improve accountability, delegation and task-tracking? Trello helps you manage priorities, showing you which tasks need to be done, who needs to do them, which are high priority, and which have been completed.


Still using a paper planner? Ditch it in favor of Evernote, a stylus-compatible app that functions as a digital workspace. From jotted notes to full-blown reports, Evernote lets you store articles, documents and images with one click or cell phone snap, and catalog items based on keywords you choose.

Google Docs

Have multiple contributors to a single document? Then you know that keeping track of everyone’s ideas and changes isn’t easy. Google Docs facilitates collaboration, tracking every change a contributor makes and saving each version of the document in the cloud, so nothing gets lost.


Asana is a project management platform that allows teams to handle ongoing work, unlike other apps that strictly manage project start and end dates.


Is your email inbox threatening to consume your productive time? Notion uses artificial intelligence to learn which messages are most important, which are urgent, and which you can safely de-prioritize. The app has other features that allow you to write, plan, collaborate and get organized – all in one place.


Love to use social media for business – but hate the continual interruptions it creates? Buffer lets you pre-schedule social media posts and release them at specific times, so you can schedule a week or a month of content (or more!) in one session.

Cisco Spark

Start your day knowing what to expect. Cisco Spark emails you each morning with a summary of your tasks, meetings and more. It can also remind you of meetings, tasks and projects.


Smartphones are great, but the dings, rings and push notifications can distract you and derail your productivity. When you need to focus, set a timer on ForestApp, and you’ll be unable to look at your messages, apps or games for your designated timeframe.


Want to drown out chatty coworkers and focus? Can’t work with music playing? Noisli generates productive sounds to help you focus like ocean waves, coffee house sounds or rain.

Wood Personnel: Your Productivity Partner

Have a long to-do list? Pressing deadline? Overworked team? Our Murfreesboro staffing agency can provide the support you need to maximize productivity and hit your goals. And from all of us at Wood Personnel, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!