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Resolution: Learning! Best Podcasts and Business Books for HR Professionals in 2019

It’s a New Year.

Time to get inspired. Grow professionally. And achieve new heights in your career.

One of the best ways to succeed in HR is by staying at the leading edge of your field – and that starts with continual learning. Today, our Cool Springs recruiters are sharing their favorite HR podcasts and books to make 2019 a great year for your career:

Best HR Books for 2019

The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation

By Darrell M. West (2018)

According to West, our nation and the world at large have reached a “major inflection point” where we must address the likely impact of an increasingly automated and technologically advanced society. West’s insights address the future of work, education and public policy, making this valuable reading for managers and employees alike.

Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work

By Sarah Kessler (2018)

Gigged moves beyond the hype, examining the shifting psychological contract between organizations and workers in light of the gig economy’s rise. Kessler discusses trends in the organization of work, and documents the shift from traditional employment models to part-time work and contingent employment arrangements.

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The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts

By Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind (2017)

According to the authors, our society will neither need nor want doctors, teachers, accountants, architects, and countless other professionals to work as they did in the 20th century. This book predicts the decline of today’s professions in the face of rapidly advancing technology, and describes the people and systems that will replace them.

Best HR Podcasts for 2019

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HR Happy Hour

Hosted by Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference

As the longest running and top-downloaded HR podcast, HR Happy Hour episodes focus on emerging trends in human resources, management, leadership and workforce technology.

Nine to Thrive HR

Presented by the Human Capital Institute

The HCI podcast series features leading HR practitioners from Fortune 1000 companies, as well as thought-leaders, authors and academics. Episodes present diverse perspectives on popular topics such as talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, people analytics and more.

Talking HR

Hosted by Krishna De and Jon Ingham

Whether you’re an HR professional or business leader, these hosts will entertain and inform you by sharing information, resources and tips on organizational and professional development. In each episode, they tackle talent, leadership, employee engagement and HR 2.0 topics to help you achieve more in HR.

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