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On the Job Hunt in Middle TN? Simple Tips to Make Yourself More Marketable

Made a New Year’s resolution to find a new job in Middle TN – or a better one?

Congratulations. It’s a great time to conduct a job search!

But that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for the job offers to roll in. To increase your chances of landing the opportunity you want, make yourself the best catch on the market. Use our Murfreesboro recruiters’ tips for building your skills, growing your network and finding an amazing new job:

10 Tips to Make Yourself More Marketable

  1. Overhaul your resume. Crafting a concise resume that captures attention and effectively demonstrates your value to a recruiter takes a lot of work. You can find countless advice articles and templates to improve your resume online, and our team assembled this list of resources to create a killer resume.
  2. Hone your interviewing skills. No matter how great your resume makes you sound, you won’t land the job you want unless you nail the interview. Our blog contains smart tips for improving your interview skills, and our recruiters can help you practice and perfect your skills when you register with us.
  3. Build your software skills. Most jobs today require some type of software skills; even warehouses have digital inventory systems. Thankfully, Adobe, Google, Udemy, Coursera, Lynda and more offer free and very-low-cost online training courses to help you build your software skills and expertise.
  4. Find a mentor. A mentor can help you map out your career path, develop a plan to close your skill gaps, provide you with unbiased feedback on your work, and help you grow your professional network.
  5. Attend the right events. Career fairs, networking events, professional seminars and industry conferences are the perfect places to learn, network and improve your visibility in your industry. In this post, we share tips for building meaningful employment connections with new people you meet at these events.
  6. Volunteer. Volunteering with a nonprofit is a great way to use your existing skills, acquire new ones and enhance your resume – all while doing good work in your community.
  7. Ask for new responsibilities. If you’re currently employed, talk with your boss about taking on new tasks or projects that push you outside your comfort zone. You’ll actively improve your marketability while you’re searching for a new job – and your initiative may even set the stage for a promotion or raise with your current employer.
  8. Track your achievements year-round. Waiting until you apply for jobs to list out all your achievements virtually ensures you’ll miss a few. Continually update your resume and LinkedIn profile (if applicable) throughout the year to keep it accurate, impressive and fresh.

Another way to make yourself more marketable this year?

Put Wood Personnel’s expert recruiters to work for you! We can help streamline your search, maintain your confidentiality if you’re currently employed, and match you with ideal opportunities. Ready to get started? Search the best Middle TN jobs here or apply online today.