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Four Reasons to Use Temporary Employees During Your Busy Season

If your business ramps up during a certain time of year, you may find yourself in need of more workers. It can be stressful and time-consuming for employers to handle the added burden of staffing up, in addition to the rest of the work that comes along with a busy season.

Advantages of Hiring Temporary Workers 

If you’re thinking ahead and already starting to sweat, don’t worry. One possible staffing option that provides plenty of advantages is hiring temporary employees. Just check out this list from one of the leading Staffing Agencies In Nashville, TN—Wood Personnel:

Save Time

The best way to hire temps is to work with a staffing agency. Your recruiter will work with you to understand the type of employee you’re looking for, then handle as much of the hiring process as you require—from sourcing candidates, to interviewing, screening and even onboarding. You can take care of getting your business ready for peak season and leave staffing in the hands of the experts!

Save Money

Staffing agencies cover the employee benefits of temp workers, which means you save on expenses. These include health insurance, vacation and sick pay, retirement and other costs associated with full-time employees.

Staff Up Only as You Need to

Hiring a full-time, permanent employee means you have extra help during busy season, but potentially not enough work to go around when the season wraps up. But this doesn’t happen when you work with temps. You can keep your temps on as long as you need extra hands, and then end the assignment as soon as your peak season comes to a close. This helps you improve efficiency by maximizing your staffing budget.

Hire Only if an Employee Fits

Let’s say your business has grown, and despite busy season, you’re still in need of more workers. With temporary employees, you have the option to extend an offer of permanent employment. This way, you have the chance to work with the employee and determine if he or she is a good fit before you decide to hire full-time. This is an advantage you don’t gain when hiring right away post-interview.

In Need of a Staffing Partner? 

Let Wood Personnel help! We’re based in Tennessee and ready to work with you. We specialize in placing employers with light industrial, office, administrative, technical and management positions. To learn more about staffing up during busy season, check out this guide. And to get in touch with one of our experienced recruiters, contact us today!