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New trends to pay attention to regarding background screening

Your employees are the heart of your business. They help you create your product or service, maintain your brand identity and keep customers satisfied. It’s critical to maintain a workforce you can trust to do a good job, and it’s important to avoid hires who present safety concerns to your company and your staff. Background screening is the best way to ensure the caliber of the candidates you hire.

Four Background Screening Trends to be Aware of in 2019

Background screening is linked to the personal information of candidates, and, as such, is regulated by many state and federal laws. Plus, changes in technology affect the means by which screening can occur. Consider all the following trends from one of the top Staffing Agencies in Lebanon, TN to keep your screening process up-to-date and compliant:

Concerns with Social Media Screening

Social media makes information about a candidate widely available—but beware. Reviewing a candidate’s social media pages can lead to unconscious discrimination on behalf of the hiring manager—and even a suspicion that a candidate has been denied a job based on gender, culture, religion or other identifying factors. This can lead to legal issues. The best way to handle social media screening, if you use it at all, is to assign the task to a third-party vendor outside your company.

Ever-Evolving Legislation

All background check protocol your business follows must stay compliant with legal regulations. Several pieces of legislation have subtle important changes. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Act now include rules about access to criminal background information. Ban the Box legislation now includes updated rules as to what employers can ask in interviews about criminal histories, currently in regards to government employees and contractors. Beware all legal nuances that limit background screenings to avoid breaking any laws. When in doubt, seek legal counsel.

Varying Types of Candidates

The candidate landscape is shifting to include non-traditional hires, such as freelance and contract workers. Just because an employee is not physically under your roof, it’s still important to conduct thorough screening before bringing them onboard. Be sure to screen all potential hires—it’s important to the safety of your company and current staff.

Employee Monitoring

Beyond pre-hire screening, new technology allows employers to keep tabs on current employees for illegal or potentially dangerous behavior. This can include arrest records and other criminal behavior, prompting follow-up background checks. As with any screening, employee monitoring can pose legal issues, so employers who use this method will need to stay in line with state and federal regulations.

Your Recruiter Can Help!

If you want to conduct screenings but you feel overwhelmed with requirements, don’t worry. Staffing agencies offer full screenings and background checks to ensure the quality of your new hires. You can rest assured your screening process is compliant with all applicable laws.

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