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Planning for Your Peak Season: How to Look at Past Data to Plan for the Future

Whether your peak season lies in the middle of summer or during the holidays, it’s critical to have enough staff in place. When you don’t, you risk overtaxing your workforce—and this can lead to mistakes, turnover and a dip in customer satisfaction. As an employer, you can prepare for your busy season with just a little planning. Simply follow these tips from one of the leading Staffing Agencies In Nashville, TN—Wood Personnel:

Check Past Numbers

Many of your answers are in your numbers from past years, and these will help you estimate when you’ll need more hands during the year. When did demand for your product or service increase? Look for the following, based on your industry:

  • During what period of time did your clients increase their requests, and when did this work begin to drop off?
  • What do sales records indicate in terms of increased demand? Did this occur during a particular time (for example Christmastime) or season (for example back-to-school)?
  • During what month do you experience demand for bookings related to conferences, vacations or events? If your industry is food service, when do you receive the most requests for catering or when do food sales increase?

In general, you’re looking for spikes in the product or service you provide based on consumer demands, and then the period of time when demand starts to drop off. Look for trends year over year. If you see a pattern, it’s safe to say this is your peak season. Data is your number one indicator of the need for more staff.

What You Can Do

Once you figure out when you’ll need to staff up, your next plan is to determine how. One source is to bring on temporary staff. You’ll save your company time by leaving the recruiting and hiring in the hands of a staffing agency. Plus, you’ll save money, as staffing agencies handle expenses such as healthcare benefits and paid time off. And when your peak season ends, you can end temporary assignments, saving even more on your staffing budget.

Looking for a Staffing Partner?

If you’re in search of light industrial, warehouse, office, administrative, technical or management staff, let Wood Personnel help. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find the candidates who fit. To learn more, contact us today!