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How to Have Conversations with Your Employees Regarding Their Overall Career Goals

The best managers are also good leaders—helping move their employees forward toward successful futures. This means supporting employees to achieve career goals. Since career development is a hot trend, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your employees talking about what they want to do in the future. Especially because workers who feel supported in achieving their goals tend to be more engaged and productive!  

So, how can you start the conversation? Just follow these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies In Lebanon, TN—Wood Personnel:  

Have regular conversations. 

This is the best way to keep the dialog going. Meet regularly for 1:1s to talk about each employee’s job, how they feel about their current body of work, what else they’d like to try, etc. You can help them set long-term goals and outline ways to reach them.  


Help them find their dream job. 

It’s a good idea to talk to employees about their hopes and dreams for the future, career-wise. Do what you can to understand what they seek—and help them get there.  


Assign projects that build skills. 

What knowledge and skills does an employee need to reach his or her goals? Work with your staff to tackle projects that help them learn and grow. This might be within their current department or outside it.  


Encourage promotion from within. 

Encouraging employees to move around within your company makes good business sense. First, it’s extremely motivating. Second, it requires less training to promote a current employee than to bring in an external hire. Third, bumping up a current worker ensures the person already fits with your company culture. It’s a win-win!  


Offer career coaching. 

This could include building a mentorship program or hiring a career coach to provide guidance and training. Career coaching programs are extremely popular and help build loyalty and employee satisfaction.  


Work with your recruiter 

Staffing agencies may offer career development services and training opportunities for employees looking to learn more. Check with your recruiter to determine available services.  

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