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Mentally Preparing for a Work Presentation

The Key to Mentally Preparing for a Work Presentation

For many people, the thought of standing up and speaking in front of others can be terrifying. This fear may harken back to school and the memory of oral reports—no one’s favorite thing to do! But with practice and a little preparation, work presentations can become almost second nature. The more you prepare and the more you experiencethe more you’ll find they get easier and easier. It also helps to get into the right head space—and not psych yourself out before you even start! 

Follow these tips to mentally prepare for your next work presentation, as provided by a leading source of jobs in Murfreesboro TN: 

Prepare your content 

If you know your topic inside and out, you’ll be much less likely to panic on the spot. Write down exactly what you’d like to say and run through it a few times—in front of a mirror, in your head, or with a friend or co-worker.  

Know where you’ll be speaking 

Will you need to adjust a microphone, plug into an A/V system, adjust sound or volume, or anything else? Visit the presentation venue ahead of time so you know what you’ll need to do, which will make things go much more smoothly day of. And know who to contact for support if any equipment isn’t working right.  

Visualize yourself delivering a confident speech 

It might sound silly, but if you picture yourself in front of the audience, what you’ll say and their positive reaction, it will help boost your confidence.  

Know your audience 

What will they want to know about, and what questions might they ask? This will help you plan so you’re not caught off guard and will also help you present the most valuable contentplus help the audience stay engaged! 

Know your opening 

This is perfect place to start your presentation with confidence. Memorize exactly what you want to say, so you can start strong. A strong opening will also help build your confidence and calm your nerves.  

Remember this 

Your audience is on your side and wants you to succeed (unless you’re in stand-up comedy—then you might experience a heckler or two!). Plus, they’re assuming you’re the expert and probably won’t notice if you make a mistake—so no need to call this out if it happens.  

Believe it or not—you don’t look as nervous as you feel 

The key to your presentation, even if you feel nervous is to act like you don’t. This can actually send verbal cues to your body that you aren’t nervous.  

Good presentation skills can help at your next interview 

If you’re in the market for a new job, presentation skills are something you can add to your resume—plus they’ll help you deliver a killer interview! And if you’re in search of jobs in Murfreesboro TNWood Personnel can help! To learn more, contact us today.