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Employee Referral Program

Struggling to find top talent? Your Employee Referral Program might need some updating!

Talent is out therebut sometimes it takes effort to find them. One way to uncover great employees is to let them come to you—through an employee referral program. If you currently have one that could use some sprucing, or if you’ve never had one, now’s the time to make changes! Employee referrals are a smart way to tap into the “hidden” job market and discover some highcaliber potential hires.  

Five strategies for a winning employee referral program 

You can get started with these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies In Nashville, TN—Wood Personnel:   

1. Clearly outline how the program works. 

Planning everything about your program ensures it will run smoothly. This includes who will manage the program, who will communicate it, who is in charge of collecting and managing referrals, how employees will be rewarded, etc. Think of every possible aspect and notify all involved parties so everyone understands their role and how the program works.  

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Be sure all employees know about the employee referral program. Hang posters in common areas, send companywide emails, post about it on the intranet, and have a permanent link on your home page employees can use to submit a referral.  

3. Explain how to submit referrals. 

If you can’t share a link, be sure it’s easy and straightforward for employees to submit referrals. If they must fill in a form in Human Resources, be sure the form is easy to access. Simplicity will help ensure employees go through with the process, rather than becoming frustrated and giving up.  

4. Make sure people get rewarded on time. 

The reward you offer can be cash, merchandise, or another form of reward, such as paid time off. It’s essential to determine what the reward will be and the parameters for how to earn itThen, be sure employees receive their reward. A breakdown like this will almost certainly halt the progress of your program.  

5. Ask for feedback. 

If you’re wondering how your employee referral program can be improved, ask your employees for feedback. Then, implement any good suggestions they have.  

Still need employees? 

It also helps to work with a staffing agency, and Wood Personnel can help! To learn more, check out our eBook or contact us today!