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The Key to Showing Your Boss You’re Ready for Additional Responsibilities

As you work to get ahead in your career, it’s reasonable to expect you’ll be taking on additional responsibilities. And one way to jumpstart this is to approach your boss and ask about tackling a little more. But what is the best way to do this—and ensure you’re accepting more work that will ultimately help you grow, rather than just extra busywork?

Four Ways to Ask for More Responsibility at Work

Your number one priority is to come across as a professional looking to contribute to the success of the company. You can ask for more responsibility strategically with these tips from a leading provider of jobs in Gallatin, TN—Wood Personnel:

Be on top of your current assignments.

The whole point of asking for extra tasks is to show you can handle more complicated work. If you’re struggling with your day-to-day, it’s unreasonable to expect your boss will feel confident or even comfortable giving you more to do.

Think about what would help your department or the company.

How could processes or systems be improved and how could you help? If something isn’t currently running as smoothly as it could within your department, think of ways to solve for that issue. Then, present your idea to your boss in terms of what you’ve noticed, an additional responsibility you would like to take on, and how you think it could help.

Plan how you’ll accommodate this new work.

Your boss may wonder if you’re taking on more than you can handle, and it can help to show him or her that you’ve planned ahead. If you have work that can be delegated or even eliminated to accommodate new tasks, discuss your ideas.

Choose the right time to talk.

If your boss is in the middle of your busy season, it might not be the best time to talk about your career growth plan. But instead, during a regular 1:1 or midyear review is a perfect time to discuss your performance and ways to expand your career.

The bottom line is that simply showing initiative is a great first step in moving ahead. Thoughtful planning of how you can tackle more responsibility helps demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to the success of the company. And that’s something your boss can appreciate in you as an employee.

In search of something new?

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to move on and you’re ready for something new. If that’s the case, check out Wood Personnel Services. We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and help you figure out what’s next. To learn more, contact us today.