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Should You Accept a Water When Offered Before an Interview?

During an interview, your aim is to do your very best! It helps to make yourself as comfortable as possible, so it’ll be that much easier to appear calm and confident. At the beginning of most interviews, your interviewer will ask if you’d like something to drink—usually a glass of water, or a cup of coffee or tea. So, how should you respond? Should you accept a beverage when it’s offered to you? Just follow these tips from a leading provider of jobs in Murfreesboro TNWood Personnel:

Always say yes!

You’re a human being, and humans need fluid. Consider that you probably have at least a few jitters and sipping a beverage can help to calm your nerves—and get ready to chat. Plus, if it’s warm in the interview room, a glass of water can help cool you off. Also, if you often suffer from dry mouth when you’re nervous, water or a hot beverage can help with that, as well.

Let the interviewer be a good host

Accepting the offer of a drink also helps ease the mind of the person interviewing you. It feels good to extend an offer and have someone say yes—and saying no can throw the person off. So just roll with it, say yes and let the interview proceed as planned.

What if you don’t like what’s offered?

If you’re offered coffee or tea and don’t drink caffeine, for example, it’s acceptable to ask for a glass of water instead. It’s not OK to ask for something other than water, like a soda or iced tea. Best to stick to the basics (like water)!

What if a beverage is not offered?

If you aren’t offered something to drink, don’t ask for one. This might be viewed as an imposition for the person interviewing you, who is most likely on a tight time schedule. To be prepared, simply bring a bottle of water with you in your bag or briefcase.

What if food is offered, too?

It’s acceptable and appropriate to politely decline food if that is offered. Eating can distract you from the conversation. You want to keep your focus on the task at hand—acing the interview and getting the job!

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