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Three Ways to Ruin a Good Employee Referral Program

Looking for new employees? One effective way to source new talent is through an employee referral program. You’ll gain access to the “hidden” job market within your walls—by tapping into the networks of your current employees.

Avoid these employee referral pitfalls

Once you’ve got your employee referral program up and running, you want to take steps to keep it well-oiled and in top working order. You can ensure your program continues as a success by avoiding these stumbling blocks, according to one of the top staffing agencies In Nashville, TN:

Offering your program only to a limited group of employees.

Yes, your worker bees are a great source of potential referrals. But don’t ignore your management and HR staff. They’re a valuable resource in terms of their industry connections. They’re some of the front lines for candidates looking for work, and a potential source of plenty of referrals.

Focusing on low-priority jobs.

Some positions may be in higher demand than others. These are the ones you should push to fill with your employee referral program, rather than focusing on jobs that can be filled by a broader spectrum of qualifications.

Keeping the bonus the same.

Times change! Rewards need to keep up with the cost of living, just like anything else. What seems enticing one year may seem like small potatoes the next. Don’t let your program stagnate, but instead keep it continually motivating by adjusting the amount you compensate for a successful hiring suggestion.

Work with a Recruiter

Another effective way to find new workers is to partner with a recruiter. He or she will work with you to understand your goals, and the type of qualifications employees will need to do well with your company. You can discuss staffing mix, available services and timeframe—then rest assured you’ll have the employees you need without the stress involved in finding them on your own.

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