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Subtle Management Tweaks with Massive Return

Motivated employees will work hard and stay loyal to your company. So any pains you can take to create a work environment that supports and inspires your workers is well worth the effort. Good news that some things you can do to provide encouragement are easy—and you can get started right now!

Five Easy Ways to Motivate Employees

Just follow these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Nashville, Franklin, Gallatin, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas—Wood Personnel Services:

Encourage Breaks

Every mind, no matter how industrious, needs time to rest and recharge. Breaks are necessary to help your workers pause and come back stronger than ever! Make it mandatory for employees to take short breaks when they need them, such as after an intense meeting or after diving into a big project. It makes sense to stand up and stretch their legs after sitting for too long, as well—breaks add to physical, as well as mental, well-being. When you make sure breaks are part of your company culture, everyone wins.

Provide Treats

Who doesn’t love an unexpected coffee, cookie, or pastry? Surprise your workers with an occasional treat. Little perks like these make coming into work more fun, and certainly more delicious. Plus it shows employees you care.

Be Grateful

Reward your hard-working staff with a prize for a job well done. This could be company merchandise, like a coffee mug or t-shirt, a gift card, a handwritten note, or even just an email to say thanks. Show that you’re thankful for everything your employees do to make your company a successful place.

Be Kind

Compliments are important and help build your employees’ confidence in what they’re doing. Words of support and encouragement help them hang in there when the going gets tough, and we all have those kinds of days. Be ready to lend an ear and just be a supportive presence so your employees know you’re there when and if they need you.


Maybe your workers need help but feel sheepish and aren’t sure how to approach you. By checking in regularly to see how everything is going, you provide an extra level of contact. This doesn’t mean micromanagement but, instead, an approachable style that lets everyone know you’re on their side.

It’s Easy to Provide Support

By trying these easy methods, you can help motivate your workers and create a culture of positive energy. With just little changes such as these, you can begin to roll out massive returns in terms of productivity and job satisfaction.

Need to Staff Up?

As you work on building your culture, you may find the need to build your workforce. And if you’re in search of new employees, just contact Wood Personnel Services. We’ll work with you to understand what you need and help you fill job openings.