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Eliminating Workplace Stereotypes: Are tattoos still taboo?

As Bob Dylan once predicted: the times, they are a changin’. And this is still true as each generation pushes different boundaries than the ones before. Right now, it’s become very popular—and quite common—for working-age people to have at least one tattoo. But even though our society is becoming more accepting of body modification, does this mean employers are just as open-minded? Check out these thoughts from one of the leading staffing agencies in Lebanon, TN 

Tattoo bias 

Many companies are still apprehensive to hire tattooed employees, especially based on the industry. Employers are still concerned with the overall image a candidate presents at an interview, and visible body art can cast a shadow on an otherwise perfectly qualified candidate—making him or her less of an ideal hiring option. Unfortunately, the working world is slower to catch up with the progressiveness of our society.  

Industry differences 

Some industries are less likely to hire tattooed professionals than others, especially when employees will be frequently interacting with customers and the public. Industries such as law, business, government, medicine and education still frown upon candidates with tattoos. However, other industries that encourage (and even expect) individual and artistic expression are much more understanding of ink. Tattooed individuals will have a much easier time working in music, design, film, digital media and athletics.  

Location of the tattoo 

Obviously, if an employer can’t see the tattoo, it won’t be an issue. As a result, many people interested in ink may simply decide to get tattooed on an area of their body that will be covered up by clothing.  

It’s up to you! 

Of course, what’s on the outside is not indicative of what’s on the inside, so if a candidate is otherwise qualified and passionate, you may want to give them a chance—even if they have tattoos. Body art simply shows they wish to express their individualism in more permanent ways than just clothing, and this demonstrates dedication and commitment.  

Looking for new workers? 

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