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Do I Need a Resume for a Warehouse Job?

Are you in search of a manufacturing job? So are many others! For this reason, it’s important to put together a resume when you apply for a warehouse job. Why? You want to make it easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to see why you’re the best choice—beyond other candidates who are also applying. With a resume, you can highlight important information, such as your work history, skills and education. This way, you’ll have everything that makes you a perfect match for the job in one convenient document.

What to Include in a Warehouse Resume 

Not sure how to get your resume together? Just follow these tips from one of the leading sources of jobs in Gallatin, TN—Wood Personnel!

  • Summarize your skills and experience. At the very top of your resume, include a section called an objective statement. In this section, state the type of job you’re looking for and why you’re qualified. For example, “Skilled warehouse worker with five years of experience in the automotive industry in search of an automotive assembly line position. Soft skills include careful attention to detail and teamwork.”
  • List your past jobs. Starting with your most recent job, list out your work history. Include your job title, employer, dates you were employed and your roles and responsibilities. If you can, include any ways you showed leadership or went above and beyond your boss’s expectations.
  • Include your education and training. Follow your work history section with one about your formal education, especially special training. Any extra skills you have beyond your past experience will make you a more valuable candidate than your competition.

Work with a Recruiter

If you could use a little guidance finding your next warehouse job, let a recruiter help. He or she will work with you to understand your qualifications, and match you with any open job opportunities for which you’re perfectly matched. The best part? When a recruiter recommends you to an employer, your chance of being hired increases—more than if you applied on your own.

Need a Recruiter?

Wood Personnel can help! We specialize in matching qualified candidates with different types of jobs, including manufacturing and light industrial. To learn more about our services and open job opportunities, contact us today!