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How to improve workplace culture in the warehouse

Your company culture helps motivate your employees and adds to their job satisfaction. When your workers are surrounded by a positive and supportive environment, it will help them thrive and do their very best—improving productivity and quality of output. 

Five ways to boost employee satisfaction in your warehouse 

You can build an engaging culture in your warehouse with these tips from one of the staffing agencies in Lebanon, TN 

  1. Pay attention to layout and organization. What does the map of your warehouse floor look like? It should be conducive to fast, accurate order fulfillment. The chain of tasks should flow in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence—preventing hurdles to task completion. When processes aren’t working, it can be frustrating to employees. By listening to their feedback, you can make changes that benefit the efficiency of your systems.   
  2. Encourage appropriate clothing and footwear. Most warehouse floors are concrete, which can be hard on the feet of workers walking and standing for most of their shifts. If the warehouse gets chilly, it’s important to have comfortable outerwear. Explain the value of the right clothing, footwear and safety items (such as back support), and provide information on where to purchase these items. You can even provide a stipend to employees for assistance purchasing items they need to be comfortable during their workday.  
  3. Provide adequate training. This is not only helpful—it’s essential to the safety and well-being of your workers. Provide training on processes related to their jobs, proper lifting techniques and how to use any machinery involved in their role. It’s important that all employees are trained before they start working, and also receive follow-up training as a refresher on a regular basis. Your recruiter is also a valuable resource for ensuring all employees are properly trained.  
  4. Allow flexible scheduling and adequate time off. Your employees are balancing their home responsibilities with their work responsibilities—and it can be a lot to take care of! When you can, allow the flexibility to schedule work around obligations such as doctors appointments and childcare. Give your workers adequate time off for vacations, too—rest is an essential part of good health and well-being.  
  5. Keep your eyes and ears openYour workplace culture may need to evolve based on needs. Listen to employee suggestions, as they are closest to the work environment. Develop changes as they make sense to ensure your culture continues to meet the needs of your workers.  

Need support? 

Your recruiter is available when you need help with training, to ensure your employees have the tools they need to get the job done. And if you’re in need of additional staff, your recruiter is your number one source to find and onboard new workers quickly and easily.  

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