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What benefits do you get with a recruiting agency?

In search of a new job? It always helps to have an ally in your corner, and there’s no one quite like a recruiter. Recruiters are experts at what they do—placing their clients with qualified candidates. They can help your job search move along much easier than going it alone.  

Four reasons to work with a recruiter 

Feeling skeptical? You shouldn’t! Just check out this perks of working with a recruiter—from a leading provider of jobs in Middle Tennessee: 

  1. Learn about unpublished job listings. It stands to reason that you can’t be hired for jobs you don’t know about! By working with a recruiter, you’ll gain access to job listings that fit your skillset—whether advertised or not. Some employers prefer to work exclusively with recruiters to fill job openings, so these never hit popular job sites like Indeed or Monster and you may only learn about them through a recruiter.  
  2. Get your resume on the hiring manager’s desk. Want an insider advantage in your job search? Recruiters stake their reputation on the quality of their job matches, so if you’re contacted about an opening, you can rest assured you’re a very good fit. In fact, when a recruiter has matched you with a job opportunity, your chances of being hired can be higher than applying on your own.  
  3. Gain free career advice. Your recruiter wants you to do your best—because your success is their success, too! So if you need help polishing your resume or interview skills, your recruiter is a valuable resource. Wondering how well your qualifications stack up to your competitors, or what the market is like in your industry? You can learn that too, by building a relationship with your recruiter.  
  4. Keep it confidential. Looking for a new job can be a touchy subject, and one you want to keep quiet with your current boss if you’re presently employed. Have no fear when working with a recruiter. They understand the need to keep things hush-hush and will ensure your job search is confidential.  

Looking for a recruiter in your area? 

Nashville (Industrial & Warehouse): 615-399-0006
Nashville (Office & Administrative): 615-399-0050
Franklin: 615-376-1117
Gallatin: 615-989-7911
Lebanon: 615-453-1001
Murfreesboro: 615-890-8400

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