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Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Lately, your job just doesn’t feel the same. You have a hard time dragging yourself into the workplace and when you get there, you’re finding it more and more difficult to get going. You can’t focus and nothing seems interesting anymore. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, it’s easy to know when you need a new job… and other times, it may not be as clear.

Four signs it may be time to move on

Do you think you may be ready for a new job, but you’re not sure? just follow these signs from a leading source of jobs in Murfreesboro TN. If you’re feeling any of the following, it may be time to look for something new:

  1. You just don’t care. If you do a good job or a bad job—regardless of the outcome of your work, you just don’t care anymore. You’re unmotivated, tuning out during meetings and daydreaming about other things. If you feel like this, you either need a new challenge at work, or it’s time to find work somewhere else.
  2. You have stopped thinking about the future. You feel there’s no opportunity for you at your current job, or if there is, you aren’t interested in it. When once you were making plans for your career goals, now you’re just going through the motions every day and you’re no longer thinking about what the future could hold for you. This mindset is a red flag you need a new job.
  3. You’re frequently in a bad mood. You get grumpy just thinking about having to go to work, and once you’re there—stay out of your way! You’re short-tempered, frustrated and easily upset (even though you didn’t feel this way before). Is it just your mood, or is work making you feel this way?
  4. You’re in a toxic work environment. If you feel you’re working in an unfair situation, or worse—you’re in danger of harassment or physical harm—it’s definitely time to move on, especially for your own safety.

What’s your next step?

If any or all of the above sound like what you’re experiencing, you may have decided you want a new job. But where do you start? If you’re not sure, it can help to work with a recruiter. He or she will work with you to understand your qualifications and career goals, and help you find new work opportunities.

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