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Common Reasons Employees Quit

Three Reasons Good Employees Leave

How’s the turnover in your company? Have you noticed employees are leaving?

This can sting—especially when the employees who leave are top performers. You know—the ones who can be hard to find, but are so worth the search. They can also be hard to hang onto. They have a lot to give and if they aren’t getting the right things from their work, they just may leave.

It helps to understand why good employees leave so you can step in, make changes and prevent turnover. A little effort now can save you the time and expense of replacing a top performer (and you’ll be able to keep your production on track, too). Just follow these tips from a leading source of jobs in Nashville, TN for recent college graduates.

Three Reasons Why Great Employees Quit

You can make great strides in your retention of your workers when you understand the following common reasons why you might be losing employees:

  1. They’re tired of arguing their point. Top employees have ideas and plenty to offer a company. But if their ideas continuously fall on deaf ears, it can be demoralizing. There’s only so much time a worker will invest trying to get their thoughts across before they decide to leave for someone who will listen.
  2. They feel stagnated. Opportunities for high-profile work, job promotion and career development are at the top of the list for top performers. If they feel there’s nowhere to go, not enough recognition and little opportunity, they will soon go somewhere that offers more.
  3. They’re exhausted. The thing about top workers is that sometimes they’re leaned upon more heavily than other staff. They can do more, so they’re expected to do more… and sometimes they just burn out.

What You Can Do

When you find great employees, of course you want to hang onto them. But really, you need to treat all workers as valuable assets. After all, there’s a reason you hired everyone you employ—and all employees have the opportunity to be great!

You can add to your culture, your work environment and your productivity (and avoid turnover) by giving workers what it takes to make a company a great place to work. This includes opportunities to speak up, learn, grow and advance. Meetings where everyone feels comfortable sharing, and the chance for good ideas to be put into practice. It’s also important to treat everyone fairly and champion the concept of work/life balance.

Work with Your Recruiter

Your staffing partner is a valuable resource for employee training, best practices, and of course, new staff when you need them. And Wood Personnel is your number one choice in Tennessee. To learn more and connect with us, contact us today!