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Onboarding Night Shift Workers in Nashville

Onboarding in the “New Normal”: What essential training should you provide night shift employees?

The COVID-19 pandemic has put stress on most employers and their staff. The need to get work done while maintaining the health and safety of workers is critical. And for employers with a night shift, it’s especially tricky.

When onboarding the night shift, it can help to offer tips for good health and adequate sleep when working these alternative hours. Just follow these tips from a leading source of night shift jobs in Nashville, TN.

Four Helpful Tips for Night Shift Workers

You can help your night shift workers maintain their good health by explaining the following:

Make Sleep a Priority

It boosts your immune response and helps you stay healthy during cold and flu season (and especially during the threat of COVID-19). Finding time to sleep either before or after the night shift is key, as long as workers are getting enough rest. 6-8 hours is preferred. Keeping a comfortable bedroom with blackout curtains, cool temperatures and minimal distractions is important for good sleep.

Eat Well

Shift workers should plan to eat a meal during their “lunch” break while at work. And the best meals are those with lean proteins, fiber and plenty of fruits and veggies. This is important when not on the clock, as well. Eating a healthy diet helps your body stay in good shape, inside and out.

Get Exercise

Providing a space for employees to work out during their shift has a few benefits. First, regular exercise is important to good health, good sleep and reduced stress. Also, it helps to wake you up and keep you alert, which can be helpful during the night shift.

Follow all COVID-19 Health and Safety Rules

Use of personal protective equipment, hand washing and social distancing are just as important for night shift workers as they are for everyone else. How to stay safe and prevent infection should be part of any employee onboarding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work with your recruiter

He or she can provide additional information on the best ways to onboard your night shift staff. And you staffing agency may even offer onboarding for you. To learn more about all available services, contact you recruiter.

And if you’re in need of additional night shift workers, contact Wood Personnel. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find the qualified candidate to do the job.