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Question: I’m incredibly shy…How can I make the best of my next interview?

Interviews are stressful, but what if you’re shy? You already get nervous and awkward around people… will this hurt your chances of getting hired? These are things that might run through your head. But our interview tips for shy people should help set your mind at ease as you prepare for your interview. Just take it from one of the leading staffing agencies in Nashville, Franklin, Gallatin, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas.

Interview Tips for Shy People

First of all, hiring managers understand how you’re feeling. The best ones will take steps to help you feel comfortable. It’s the best way to let a person open up and be themselves, which can only help an interviewer get to know you, and decide if you’re a good job match.

You can follow these interview tips for shy people and do your very best at your upcoming interview:

  • Envision success. This might sound crazy, but it works. Before the interview, picture what it would be like if you were comfortable and confident, easily chatting away with the interviewer. Your brain will have an easier time mapping this image onto your actual behavior during the interview.
  • Prepare. This is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and cut through your shy demeanor. Practice interview questions and answers, choose a killer outfit, prepare your technology (if you’re doing a virtual interview), or map out your route (if you’ll be in person).
  • Arrive or sign in early. You can breathe and relax as you take in the surroundings—helping you get an idea of the company culture. Virtually, you can get settled in the “room” and used to the video camera.
  • Smile and make eye contact. This will help you make a connection with the interviewer, and help you both feel comfortable with each other.
  • Find common ground. A perfect way to get the conversation rolling is with a common topic. You can’t go wrong with a comment about the weather, how fast the week is flying by, a recent sports game, a popular TV show, or a movie many people have seen… If you know ahead of time who your interviewer will be, you can check out their social media for clues to what you might have in common.
  • Have a bottle of water with you. This way, if you feel your mouth getting dry, you have a solution. Taking a sip of water can also help you buy time as you think of an answer to a tricky question.

Check with Your Recruiter

He or she can give you plenty of interview tips to help you do your best. And if you don’t have a recruiter, check out Wood Personnel Services. To learn more, contact us today!