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5 Podcasts to Improve Your Professional Career in 2022

A career podcast is a fantastic way to spend your free time. You can educate yourself while being entertained. You can hear personal stories from successful career coaches or get advice on changing careers. A career podcast can help motivate you to stay on top of your goals and teach you how to write resumes to help you get jobs. Podcasts are an excellent way to get inspired about your career.

The Elements of a Great Career Podcast

The best career podcasts will engage you from start to finish each episode. Those podcasts that are boring and uninformative will not last. Here are elements of a great career podcast:

  • Increase your productivity. The aim of a career podcast must inspire creativity and productivity. The podcast should inspire you to do more.
  • Interviews with interesting guests. The best podcasts have exciting guests who are successful in their chosen careers and offer advice and inspiration.
  • Consistency. Top podcasts maintain a consistent schedule to deliver career advice. Many podcasts are weekly.
  • The best career podcasts take listener feedback seriously. Some podcasts will dedicate entire episodes to answering input and questions from listeners.

The Best Career Podcasts of 2022

To help you get started on improving your professional career, consider listening to these five podcasts for career development:

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a best-selling author, an all-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur hosts this informative podcast. The School of Greatness features inspiring interviews with highly successful people. The guest list includes world-renowned business, entertainment, sports, science, and health leaders who will inspire you.

The School of Greatness features three weekly episodes, each lasting about an hour.

Career Warrior Podcast

This podcast is about helping job seekers find their dream job while assisting them to live their best lives. The show features job search strategies from industry leaders, resume experts, and job seekers to help guide your career. The show includes the stories of successful career coaches, startup founders, and business professionals.

The Career Warrior features one episode per week with an average length of 25 minutes.

Career Conversations

This unique podcast features Yale School of Management students having candid conversations with alums about career paths. The discussions cover opportunities for business school graduates, discussions on career topics, and having a meaningful impact on business and society.

Career Conversations airs weekly from the Yale School of Management with an average episode time of 30 minutes.

No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis

No Limits is a fantastic podcast for the ladies. No Limits features women who are successful in their careers. You can hear about different women’s career trajectories. How the women started and where their careers led. You can learn from successes and mistakes.

Listen to Rebecca Jarvis.

Hays Careers Advice Podcast

This monthly podcast delivers expert, up-to-date career advice. Topics include perfecting your CV, preparing for a job interview, creating a solid personal brand, and standing out in the crowd.

Hays Careers Advice Podcast features 30-minute episodes once per month.

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