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Sure, Your New Job Sounds Great But Is the Boss Someone You Could See Yourself Working For?

Your ability to get along with your future boss will mean everything to your job satisfaction and career progression. Before you say yes to working for a company and a boss, you want to be sure that the people you will be working with will be helping you out, transferring knowledge, and ensuring that you progress in your role. You will spend considerable time with your boss, so make sure you get this right. Here are some considerations for checking out a boss.

Is Your New Boss a Good Fit to Work For?


Do you sense chemistry with your boss? Do you share a sense of humor, body language, common interest, or rapport? Chemistry goes a long way in determining how well you will get along with your boss. Time to be honest with yourself. Can you see yourself working with this person for the next three to five years?


Ask your manager how they ended up in their role. Choice or necessity? How long have they been with the business? Has the job turned out as expected, and would they change anything? Knowing these things about your boss can help you construct a picture of what things will be like.

Management Style

Will your new boss sugarcoat things or be like a drill instructor? Ask them to describe themselves as a manager and what their priorities are. Consider how much they like to get involved in their subordinates’ daily work. Perhaps you dislike being micro-managed, or maybe you thrive on it. Whatever your preference, you and your boss must be on the same wavelength.

Can You Learn From Them?

Your boss should be your teacher. If you can visualize yourself learning from your boss in the coming years, you are on the right path. Does this boss possess skills you want to acquire, and will they share them with you?

Handling Problems

How does the boss handle team conflicts and computer crashes? Ask them for a specific example. It will give you an excellent idea of how they will deal with you in the future. You must understand how a boss will react in a particular situation.

Company Outlook

Ask your manager what potential obstacles they foresee for the company and their plan to overcome them. You want to know if they know about activities outside their department. It will also let you know if they have a plan.

Where Are They Heading?

What are your boss’ goals? Will your boss stick around, or are they ready to leave? Knowing your boss’ intent is crucial if you wish to move up the ladder one day. There is also a possibility of being managed by a stranger overnight.

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