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What Is the Most Important Factor When Hiring a New Team Member in Middle TN?

If you are hiring for your company in Middle TN, you have a great idea of the type of candidate you seek. Perhaps the candidate’s experience in the field, skills that fit the job, or up-to-date knowledge. Finding and hiring capable and skilled people is critical, but talent is insufficient. The most crucial factor to consider is attitude. When it comes to a candidate being a good fit for your company’s culture and a successful long-term hire, attitude is more important than anything else. As a hiring manager, you must be selective throughout the hiring process. Take a hard look at each candidate’s attitude.

The Most Important Factor of a New Hire

The Importance of a Great Attitude

A positive attitude is certainly something to look for in a job candidate. A positive attitude brings with it multiple benefits for your organization, including the following:

  • Employees with great attitudes are eager to learn and adapt to changes within your company.
  • You can train a recruit to improve skills and fit roles, but training cannot fix attitude.
  • A positive attitude makes it possible to overcome obstacles while keeping motivation alive.
  • A great attitude can fuel the productivity of your organization.

The right attitude brings a collaborative spirit, open-mindedness, and a proactive mindset. These qualities are essential in the workplace.

How to Find the Right Attitude During the Hiring Process

A candidate with a positive attitude can be a tremendous addition to your entire organization. Take a close look at the candidates. Pay attention to how they act over the phone, by email, and in person. Here are some helpful tips to help find a great attitude:

  • Ask the receptionist. When candidates interview with you, expect them to be on their best behavior. However, it would help to get beyond this for a deeper understanding. How do they act when nobody is watching? Ask your receptionist who oversees the candidate before and after the interview. Pay attention to the details.
  • Ask the candidate about their worst failure. Listen to their answer, not so much for the facts of their responses but their attitude while answering. Are they blaming others? Are they giving excuses, holding grudges, or taking responsibility? Pay attention to body language too.
  • Test for the attitude. Do not ask. Get a demonstration. Consider rejecting the candidate during the interview by suggesting you do not believe they are suitable for the position and observe. Do they fight for the job? Do they show why they are the best? Do they demand an explanation, or does it turn ugly? Remember that the attitude you witness is what your clients and partners will endure.

Ready to Make a New Hire?

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