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What Should Hiring Managers Do to Make BETTER Hiring Decisions?

These days, you cannot afford to take a chance on bad hires. It is time to create an interview process that assesses a candidate’s skills, aptitude, and potential for cultural fit. Here is how you can make better hiring decisions.

How to Make Better Hiring Decisions

Create Universal Hiring Criteria

Make your hiring criteria applicable to every position in the company. Upper management and human resources can work to establish standards based on your company culture, business needs, customer base, and others. Start with the universal criteria, and then individual hiring managers can evaluate each candidate to ensure a good fit.

Take Notes

You can review a resume and a cover letter, but remembering anything beyond these documents might be challenging after a group of interviews. It is essential to take notes during each interview. Record the impressive answers and anything in the employment history a candidate might mention. Writing down information makes reviewing candidates much more manageable.

Ask Yourself Questions

As you go through the hiring process, consider asking yourself the same questions regarding each candidate, no matter the position. Questions might include the following:

  • How much does the candidate’s experience match the requirements of the job?
  • Will they be a good team fit?
  • How much training will each candidate require?
  • How quickly can a candidate work without supervision?
  • Does this potential hire have the traits that demonstrate they can work hard?

Reference Checks

Take the time to complete reference checks on your candidates. People who know the candidate and their work ethic can provide valuable information. Try to get three references from previous employers. Ask about their experience with the candidate and have specific questions prepared for them. Make sure the questions relate to the job and the criteria you have in place for the position.

Review All Qualified Candidates

Before you make a final hiring decision, review all the resumes and cover letters you receive from candidates. Separate the stack by skill level and how much of a match they are for the role, then review your interview notes. Just because you like a candidate or they interview well doesn’t mean they are the best fit for the job.

Is Everyone in Agreement?

There are likely to be several people involved in the hiring process. It could include the direct manager, co-workers, someone from another department, a human resources representative, and an executive leadership team member. Using a panel-style interview with multiple people is advantageous because it offers different perspectives and can be helpful when deciding on a candidate. Make sure everyone agrees on the same person for the role.

Make Your Decision Quickly

Although it is vital to consider the candidates carefully, do try to offer the job promptly. Candidates often apply for more than one job at a time and might receive a formal offer from a competing business. Don’t lose your candidate! Ask everyone involved in the hiring process to think everything over and come to a decision by a specific date.

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