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Why You Should Be Developing In-Demand Tech Skills To Stay Competitive

The evolution of technology in the workplace is continual. To stay competitive, you must develop tech skills. Research says that workers with tech skills earn approximately 49% more income than those workers who do not use technical skills. Understanding the most in-demand technology skills will help you make informed career choices and take steps to cultivate such skills.

Stay Competitive in Your Career

Tech Proficiency

Tech skills are those abilities you have that help you interact with the digital world. It is proficiency in digital or technical media that you wish to develop. Understanding current technology is vital for working efficiently. These skills also make you more appealing to employers. Technology is part of every job industry and is continually growing. A willingness to learn new skills keeps your work relevant. Tech skills make you more appealing for growth opportunities while making you a valuable asset to an employer.

In-Demand Skills

There are several tech skills that you can highlight on your resume that apply to jobs in multiple industries. If you want to change careers or apply for a new role, highlighting your tech skills is an excellent way to attract employers and hiring managers. Here are a few essential ones:

  • Email management. Taking a systematic approach to handling emails increases your productivity. This skill allows you to correspond with clients, supervisors, and business partners effectively.
  • Presentation software. The ability to navigate Microsoft PowerPoint to create, design and deliver presentations.
  • Social media. Social media skills allow you to develop and implement marketing campaigns that use social media to increase brand awareness.
  • Project management. The skill needed to use various project management tools to plan and delegate workloads and organize teams.
  • Essential cybersecurity skills include computer forensics, troubleshooting, hacking capabilities, and software development.
  • Data management. Employers want employees who can use, collect and manage information effectively.
  • Workers with programming skills are in significant demand. Popular languages include Python, C, Java, JavaScript, PHP and C++.
  • Search engine optimization. Good SEO skills demonstrate your ability to create and optimize shareable content for keywords, including links to other website pages and research competitor webpages.

How To Develop Your Tech Skills

The benefits of developing your technology skills are substantial and to stay competitive, you must advance these skills. Here are ways to build in-demand tech skills:

  • Request feedback. An easy way to assess where you stand with your technology skills is by asking for feedback on your technical performance. It is an excellent indicator of where you are with your skills.
  • Seek a mentor. With a capable mentor, you receive real-time feedback on your performance. Mentors allow you to observe and implement their techniques into your tasks.
  • Practice your tech skills. There is no substitute for practice, and it helps you increase your confidence while identifying areas for improvement.
  • Professional certification. Certification is fantastic for helping you acquire a comprehensive understanding of technical processes. Certification in information technology or software development is particularly beneficial.

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