HR Hot Button: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The climate in our country has shifted quite a bit over the past year in terms of racial and gender inequality. It’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind, yet the… Read more »

Question: I’m unemployed. How do I get back into the job market?

How to Rejoin the Workforce When Unemployed

If you’ve been unemployed for a bit, you may feel nervous about rejoining the workforce. Maybe you were laid off and had a hard time finding a job, or maybe… Read more »

Managing Your Friends: How to be a professional leader… when you’re friends with your workforce

How to Effectively Manage Your Friends

If you’ve recently been promoted and are now managing employees who were once your peers, it’s a tricky road to navigate. You want to be fair and just, but also… Read more »

Mastering the Interview: Making the Right Impression

Making the Right Firm Impression

If you’re preparing for a job interview, congratulations! You want to take all the steps possible to do your best. Whether you’ll be interviewing virtually or in person, you may… Read more »

HR Hot Button: Is Marijuana Legal in the Workplace?

Marijuana in the Workplace

The rules around marijuana usage have been loosened over the past few years. Currently, 33 states allow the drug for medical consumption, and 15 allow recreational consumption. Employees may rely… Read more »

What is the best way to look for a job while working?

Finding a Job While Still Employed

If you don’t love your job and you want to look for something new, you may be wondering how to look for a new job while working. After all, searching… Read more »

Should you have a talk with an employee who consistently looks lazy on zoom calls?

Lazy Zoom Calls | Wood Personnel

Working from home is new territory for many of us. Getting used to proper behavior on a Zoom call can be a learning curve for employees. It may seem that… Read more »

Check in with your team this week. Why managers should focus on mental health.

Employee mental health has been a popular topic recently, and especially now during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety over COVID-19, job stability, diversity, and politics have taken their toll on… Read more »

Leave Work Stress Where it Belongs – at Work

No matter what industry or field you’re in every job comes with stress (that’s why they call it “work”). But, while a certain amount of work-related stress is to be… Read more »

What Soft Skills Do You Need for Your Career?

“Which Soft Skills Do I Need for My Job?” It’s a question job seekers ask our recruiters all the time. Regardless of your industry or job function, soft skills are… Read more »