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Quality Over Quantity: Why a Recruitment Agency is Essential for Light Industrial Hiring

It is quality over quantity when applying for a new job. You might be disappointed if you send out multiple thrown-together applications in the hope that one might get through the process and land you a job. Sadly, on the surface, this seems like a productive process. But it will quickly burn you out when you do not hear from employers.

It is essential to focus on applying for the right jobs with tailored resumes to give you the best possible chance of landing a job. Here is why you must opt for quality over quantity and how a recruitment agency might be the best option.

If You Want a Response, Send a Quality Application

We are in a competitive job market. As such, the quality of a job application is far more critical than the number of applications you submit. What is quality? It is applying to jobs that match your qualifications and then offering a tailored resume for the position. Understand that it is not uncommon for employers to receive hundreds of resumes for a role. It is vital to strategically apply for job opportunities matching your background to distinguish yourself from others. Applying to jobs unthinkingly with a generic resume is a one-size-fits-all approach that will get you nothing.

Balancing Quality and Quantity

So, how many applications should you send daily or weekly? It can vary due to schedules and your job search timeline. Try to set a reasonable goal for the number of applications you can submit while you still tailor them. Ten applications per week is a good number to start with. When considering your unique circumstances, you might need to decrease to five per week or increase to 20 per week.

More than 20 tailored applications per week is a stretch and an unrealistic goal. You must be aware of your threshold and be ready to draw the line if you sense the quality of your applications is suffering. When you hit your target weekly goal, acknowledge and celebrate the milestone to help you stay motivated throughout your search.

Perhaps There Is a Better Way?

There might be a better way to find a light industrial job for workers in Middle Tennessee. A staffing agency might be the solution you seek. Staffing agencies do the heavy lifting for you, and your recruiter will only match you with jobs suited to your skills and experience. Wood Personnel Services has light industrial, administrative, or professional work opportunities. Let the team at Wood Personnel Services help you land your next industrial job.