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How to Detect Unqualified Job Applicants

Applying for a job is easier than ever, so there is no shortage of candidates applying to fill your open positions. Unfortunately, not all of them are qualified. More applications do not necessarily mean better applicants.

Avoid Hiring Unqualified Candidates

Write a Precise Job Description

Job descriptions are where many companies set themselves up for failure. These companies fail to invest time in understanding the job’s specific needs. A skills test is a much better success predictor than years of experience. Ask your current employees to help write accurate job descriptions that exclude unnecessary parts.

Video Response

Video responses are an effective way to filter out unqualified applicants early in the process. Video responses help you find serious candidates. Ask questions early in the process and have candidates answer in video format. It will eliminate non-serious candidates immediately. It will also allow you to use a video to assess a candidate’s energy levels, motivation and character.

Pre-Employment Skills Tests

A candidate writes in their resume that they can code in JavaScript. Please give them a JavaScript test. You can quickly determine an applicant’s knowledge by administering a test. Skills tests are time and cost-effective; you can use them at scale, and they quickly filter unqualified candidates.

Check References

It is a sad fact, but many candidates lie on their resumes. Check references. References are a tried and true method for filtering out unqualified candidates. The check will provide you with employment history, previous roles, level of education, and credentials. Beware of any red flags that pop up.

Use a Collaborative Hiring Process

Recruiters are not subject-matter experts for every position in the company. A collaborative hiring process can filter unqualified candidates. Your team members know the job, so include them in the process. Remember that your current employees want to seek out the best candidate to work with on their team, not just the one with the best skill set. Your crew wants someone who can fit the culture, add diversity and complement their strengths.

Mix Behavioral and Situational Questions in the Interviews

Now, it is time to interview. Try to use a mix of behavioral and situational questions in your interviews to determine which candidate is the perfect fit for the job. Behavioral questions can help you understand how your candidate behaved in the past in certain situations where they had to implement many skills.

When you ask situational questions, watch for indications of creativity, persuasion and emotional intelligence in candidates.

Need Help Finding the Best Candidates?

If you are tired of sifting through endless applications to find qualified candidates, it might be time to get help. Wood Personnel Services uses proactive recruiting methods to develop a pool of qualified candidates tailored to meet your unique requirements.